Global Success of ‘Missing Type’ Campaign

by Beth-Emma Clennell

As part of National Blood Week, The NHS Blood and Transplant and Engine Group’s agency MHP Communications came together to form a campaign about the need for more blood and transplant donors, in aiming to highlight the notion of the plummeting 40% decrease in the number of donors over the past decade.

MHP Communications used PR by creating an innovative and creative campaign which was nhsmissingtype1produced through the message of “imagining a world without the A’s, O’s and B’s” (Engine Group). This is due to the fact that these are the main blood groups which unfortunately, are lacking in donors. The campaign used this aim and idea to tackle the barriers head on which were illustrated in the previous #missingtype campaign in 2015.

Global companies such as the likes of Microsoft, Santander, Boots, Warburton’s and Cadbury, further helped to support the campaign by further removing the ‘A’s B’s and O’s’ from their brand name. The support generated by these companies, awareness was raised about the movement of the call to action, which is to become and register for being a donor. Connections were made between these businesses and the global public. MHP Communications shown that through effective PR, people can be encouraged and exposed to taking a step towards, making a change and follow the destined action. This was proven as people began to be a part of a snowball effect of the #missingtype and becoming new donor.

With removing the A’s, B’s and O’s from company’s names and famous landmarks, news coverage was created as the broadcast and print medias went viral, especially through online presence with the help from the catchy and innovative hashtag ‘#MissingType’. Through this hashtag it generated over 25,000 engagements alongside the hashtag ‘#NationalBloodWeek’.

During blood week itself, with the help and support for this campaign, over 30,000 new donorsnhsmissingtype - boots had registered. With results like this, it means that over 100,000 lives could be improved and many people would benefit. However, the campaign did not end there.

This digital plan made people question and enquire about the reasons behind it and essentially drove people to becoming a registered donor. This impact further strengthened the donor basis for the potential future.

Building on the previous campaign both the NHS and MHP Communications, used the use of social media and coverage from celebrities from around the world. This included countries which further got involved and helped generate global support (Australia, America, Japan and Belgium).

This campaign aimed to be a long term campaign and encourage people to donate when they can, whatever time and not just donate only during Blood week.

There are direct and clear results that the PR involved in this campaign was a success and it can be shown through the different channels in which it was successfully displayed across such as social media and broadcast, that this campaign proved to be most effective.

For more information on the campaign and if you would like to sign up to donate, the two links are here.

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