2017-2018 Year One BAPR & BAPRJ Contributors

ben brinkley

Originally from Barnsley, Ben Brinkley studied English Language, Media Studies and Film Studies at A-level sparking his interest in journalism.

His main reason for pursuing a career in PR and journalism comes from his interest in voicing his opinion in the form of writing, therefore, journalism allows him to do this. Ben’s interests are mainly related to art and fashion, specifically drag and beauty of certain art forms. On top of this, Ben also has a passion for music, gaming and photography. These interests have often impacted and influenced his decisions on many occasions.

The reason for Ben choosing Leeds Beckett is due to the high ratings of the university especially for the PR with journalism course. As well as this Ben was also interested in the university due to its success rate of post-graduates often going straight into jobs in their desired field immediately after finishing their course, Leeds is also a city of great cultural diversity and is not too far from Ben’s hometown of Barnsley allowing him to travel home easily to spend time with family and for work.

Since becoming interested in journalism, Ben’s interest in fashion has grown and through this he has developed an interest in magazines such as GQ, Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Whilst his high school experience was slightly different to most students as his high school was not as university orientated as most, this has simply led to Ben being extremely dedicated to getting into university and now he is at his dream university he couldn’t be happier of what he has achieved.

Ben’s dream aspiration is to be a magazine publisher and see his work on tables in salons, coffee shops and newstands. Finally, if this means working his way through the journalistic ranks, then that’s fine by him.


Caitlin Singh

D.O.B: 05/08/99

Home town: Darlington, near Newcastle

Caitlin Singh is from Darlington, which isn’t far from Newcastle, in the north east of England. She loves socialising and going out on a weekend with her friends at home and then during the week, captaining the cheerleading team at my dance school and spending time with her sister. She’s drawn to Leeds as a city because it’s full of really friendly people and she loves the nightlife. Moreover, it’s far enough away from home to feel independent, but it’s still easy enough to get a train home when necessary.

Caitlin shows a great interest in current affairs, both local and national, and she would ideally love to work in a sector of sports journalism one day. On moving to Leeds, she was initially worried she wouldn’t get along with flatmates and would want to change accommodation, however this hasn’t been the case as she’s made many new friends.

Caitlin considers herself more extroverted than introverted, and prefers to work independently as she can complete tasks quicker. However, she often does enjoy group work since it’s an opportunity to hear different opinions. At home in Darlington she worked in a tapas bar which she was really passionate about, especially as she received a discount on the food! She hasn’t got a job in Leeds as of yet however she is looking to find one once she has settled into a regular routine.



Huriyyah Sakeb

Huriyyah was born in Bradford on the 23rd of March 1998 with the surname of Sakeb which happens to be her father’s first name, something of which she still does not understand to this day. She lives with her parents and two brothers; Tash (20) and Zaf (12). Her family is of Pakistani-Punjab origin.

A keen student, Huriyyah enjoys learning. Originally she wanted to do sciences as her A-levels but instead she decided to study the subjects which she enjoyed the most which happened to be Spanish, IT and Art.

During her studies, alongside her black belt in Karate, Huriyyah channelled her artistic skills into creating a Henna business. It started off at the school Christmas fair which was shortly followed by the annual moonlight festival. She decided she wanted to take this further and by using social media she was able to share her work with potential customers which helped to grow her business and she was able to set up a mobile service.

After A levels, Huriyyah wanted to take Spanish as her degree but her parents talked her out of it, they didn’t believe she would find any work within the subject. She followed her dads’ footsteps and took up a degree in HR Management at Leeds Beckett University. However she didn’t enjoy the subject and at the end of semester one, she dropped out. She was influenced by a friend who was studying Public Relations to take up the course in September.


Kaitlin Kiernan

kaitlin Kiernan

Being from Barnsley initially, 18 year old student Kaitlin has always had huge ambitions of studying PR with Journalism since studying Media Studies and English Literature at A-Levels.

Heavily influenced by the music and the fashion industry, Kaitlin has always known that studying a journalism related degree is by far the best option for her, and having one of the best universities in relatively easy travelling distance, Leeds Beckett was always going to be her number one option after attending college in the same city.

The fashion industry has heavily influenced Kaitlin’s life, and the music industry has also had a giant influence on her life, with bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and The Bottlemen, and even bands like Joy Division and The Beatles constantly influencing the music she listens to, and the outfits she wears.

For Kaitlin, it isn’t following trends, its setting trends that has always been important to her. Learning about something she loves and getting the incredible opportunity to live in the most popular student city in the UK is something that Kaitlin has always wanted, and now it’s finally here, she couldn’t be happier.



Mikella Mouzouri

Mikella Mouzouri has two older sisters and originally lived in a city in the Southern coast of Cyprus called Limassol, but has moved to Leeds to study public relations.

Her favourite colour is green and her favourite song is dancing queen by Abba. Her favourite subjects are sociology and music and she prefers classical and rock music. Personality wise she prefers clean and tidy, fashionable people with a sense of humour. She likes American film and television, Italian cuisine and classical instruments.

She plans on visiting the Caribbean in the future, and also wants a career in a career in public relations focused around HR and business

Where HR fits around public relations; Public relations deals with external, HR tends to be internal. As an organisation can only be as good as the people working for it, it is in the best interest of any public relations department to ensure the clean and marketable image of all employees, especially those high up in the organisation or external players such as major shareholders in a multinational corporation.


Molly Charlotte Grace Bartram, born in 1997 on July 24th. Molly grew up in Sheffield where she lived with her mum and her brother but later moved out to the country to Thorpe Salvin due to her mother’s love for the countryside.

Possessing a passion for performing arts from a young age, Molly involved herself in performing arts and ballet from the age of just 3, taking part in annual shows and festivals. As her passion for the arts grew, this influenced her interest in music, she started to sing as well as learn the Viola. Later, Molly started to teach herself the piano with the wish to be able to sing and play simultaneously.

Molly’s outstanding talent and enthusiasm for music and the arts led her to believe her direction in life would be down this path, with her aiming to go to drama school in London.  At sixth form, she studied performing arts, theatre, English language and literature. However, Molly found she was not suited for 6th form and after the first year left and went to college to study performing arts. This hands-on approach to studying suited her preferences a lot more. As the time for auditioning arose, Molly found herself doubting her career path, feeling anxiety towards being judged and contemplating the lifestyle of a typical actress. To ensure she took the right step, she took a year out, planning to travel Thailand.

Unfortunately, the plan of travelling Thailand didn’t work out due to the expense of it, so Molly worked at Apple for the year. Within this year at Apple, she found university would be the next best step for her to study PR and Journalism which allowed her to enhance her interests in writing and blogging and hopefully pursue a career PR.


lucas withers











Jessica Rose Hodgson, better known as Jess Hodgson, was born on the 23rd September 1997. Before attending university, she lived at home with her parents, her sister Lucie and her two cats Ayla and Oscar. With her favourite colour being black and her favourite movie is Spirited Away.

Jess was born in St James Hospital, Leeds and has lived here all her life. Around 8 years of age, Jess competed as a gymnast for 3 years and gained a bronze medal in both solo and pairs. For secondary school, she attended Brigshaw high school in Allerton Bywater, Leeds – in which English and history were her favourite subjects.

In between finishing high school and attending university, Jess went on a gap year and visited several places in the world, such as: Madrid, the Canary Islands, Thailand and New York. Notably, Jess spent the longest in Thailand, two weeks, as she helped with community projects to improve both living and working conditions in impoverish communities. An example of this work was helping to lay the foundations and consequently help build a canteen to provide shelter to local citizens.

A few facts about Jess are: she broke her arm roller-skating once, she has a phobia of blimps, disco balls and flying, has 8 small tattoos and absolutely loves goats!

Jess has a general idea of the area of work she wants to specialise in – music PR/journalism in the future, however she knows she would like to travel more in the future.